Стэфана Sudati

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Stefano Sudati with Laura and StellaЯ нарадзіўся ў снежні 1968 ў Мілане, Італія.

Я сустрэў сваю будучую жонку, Лаура, У яе персанальная выстава ў Мілане і так як мы стварылі шчаслівую сям'ю.

I love travelled a lot with her and I knew how he loved New York City, so I began to follow her in her trips. I love photography and work as manager in a web, multimedia & design company.

That’s why I am a valuable aid in the construction of this site in its entirety; I have learned so much in building this website and I am very proud of it.

I love to help my wife to achive her goal and I know how important this project is for her.

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